Why do YOU want to be a school leader — the answer is the foundation for building the best experience for your staff, teachers, students, and parents.

Why Do You Want To Be a School Leader?

Is being a school leader your calling? Are you burning to make a difference? Our children, the foundation for our world tomorrow, need strong school leaders who will fight for them. If you are someone who is stepping up to this role, I want to sing your praises from the rooftops, because your work makes a difference. However, to survive the unprecedented challenges we face today, you’ll need to have a firm answer to the question: why do YOU want to be a school leader?

I loved being a teacher, but I wanted to do more for the kids, their parents, and our community. That’s why I stepped up to being a school leader back in 1998. In my video, I reflect on why I became a school leader. I’m not ashamed to say that you’ll see my passion. It wasn’t just a job for me…

Principals, Deans, assistant principals, teacher leaders, district-level leaders, superintendents, assistant superintendents, directors, coordinators — all of you have tough jobs. I understand how it feels to be confronted with challenges that keep you from doing your job well. It can be terribly frustrating, overwhelming, perhaps even demoralizing.

The challenges school leaders face in this 21st century are tough! The stress is taking a toll on our school leaders. Almost half of principals today are saying they’re planning on leaving the profession earlier than planned. National Association of Secondary School Principals Chief Executive Officer JoAnn Bartoletti, says, “we have a full-blown crisis in finding talented educators to lead our schools.” 

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Strong school leadership is second only to classroom instruction in impacting student learning, and, ultimately, the future they’ll enjoy. You, as a school leader, have the heavy responsibility for creating and holding together the structures that support your teachers, so they can equitably instruct the students. 

This doesn’t mean you do it by yourself, nor that you have to have all the answers. Nothing can be further from the truth! Your team can, and must, be brought together as a cohesive, creative, and collaborative community. Social Learning Theory will help you do that!  I have personally seen how practicing social learning has changed a dysfunctional, distrustful team into a functioning Community of Practice that works together for the good of all the students and of the school.

Why do you want to be a school leader? If your answer is that you want to make a difference and create a more equitable environment for the children under your care, then I highly recommend that you look into how Social Learning can open the door to creating a supportive and effective team that is as highly motivated as you are. I’d love to hear about your situation and discuss how we might work together. Please feel free to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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Louise J Santiago, PhD
Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

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