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A Customized Training Program for Executives and Their Teams

Lead your team with a purpose-driven model to achieve consistently outstanding results.

Whether you’re in education or non-profit leadership, you’re most likely incredibly busy managing a heavy load of responsibilities. Your goals are ambitious and incredibly important to the community you serve, but more than likely your resources often seem inadequate. Your greater purpose, of making a real difference in the lives of others, demands that you use all the resources at your disposal.

This training is specifically designed to help you maximize your most precious resource — the relationship you have with your team!

Perhaps you’ve never considered how your team is the lynchpin in your ability to do your job well? Unfortunately, the majority of executives don’t take full advantage of these partnerships and end up constantly overworked and even disorganized. Frankly, advances in technology have made it worse.

Do you find yourself…

  • managing your own calendar,
  • writing your own emails,
  • sorting through mail,
  • organizing your to-do list,
  • getting distracted when someone walks through your door without an appointment?

These are signs that you’re underutilizing your team and diverting your attention from much more important tasks.

It’s time for the new A, B, See, D purpose-driven model.

Perhaps you’ve tried to convince yourself that frenetic leadership is “just part of the work”. It doesn’t have to be. In fact, what’s truly urgent and important is easier to distinguish when you are crystal clear on your purpose, communicate it clearly, reinforce it regularly, and remain consistently committed to it.

Your purpose is something that needs renewing, refreshing and revising on a regular basis.

Which is why, during this training, you and your team will gain clarity on your joint purpose. Then you’ll be introduced to an action-oriented model of activities and ways of communicating that drive your goals, specific tools to support your workflow, and built-in accountability.

You’ll be amazed how by deploying this model you will…

  • Meet all of your deadlines with ease
  • Have more time to be out in the field
  • Promote meaningful interactions between team members
  • Develop stronger relationships at all levels
  • Prioritize tasks using a finely tuned filtering criteria
  • Focus your time and energy on your purpose
  • Exceed your goals and serve your community to the fullest

Today’s problems require leaders who both understand complexity and have a strong support team who can support forward movement. If you’re ready for a more disciplined, trained, and committed partnership between yourself and your team, leading to outstanding results this training is for you.

For more detailed information, anticipated results, and an event outline, please contact me to set-up a complimentary consultation.

Louise J Santiago, PhD
Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

Where Leadership is Intentional Work

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