Would you like to be part of a team that…

  • Shares best practices because of underlying established trust?
  • Consistently learns and grows by observing and practicing in a safe space?
  • Enjoys transformational, problem-solving discussions with enhanced interpersonal skills?
  • Establishes powerful & creative thought partnerships due to shared understanding?
  • Celebrates individual achievements in a spirit of collaboration over competition?

This is all possible if you’re willing to explore establishing a Community of Practice for your team…

business team discussion and collaboration

A Community of Practice develops organically from a common concern, issue, passion or sense of purpose within a growing group of people. They use their emergent set of skills and knowledge to build trust, creating a common identity of shared knowledge.

As a leadership coach and founder of the Center for Learning Leaders, I have extensive experience in the creation and facilitation of Communities of Practice. This approach to team development has far-reaching benefits that will be experienced by individual team members, customers, community partners, and your company’s bottom line. When utilized effectively, I’ve consistently found growth to be immediate, rapid, and comprehensive.

The beauty is that it supports learning that is built, owned, and managed by your team, rather than a model that relies solely on professional development and learning from outside experts. And while you cannot mandate a community, there are steps you can take to promote this approach within your team.  

My goal is to help your team create a self-facilitating community. In order to achieve that goal I will coach your team to:

  • Learn the key elements of the Community of Practice experience — domain, practice, and community.
  • Support an organic process for stewarding knowledge and sharing information.
  • Leverage each team player’s experiences and insights to develop a toolkit to support each other’s work.
  • Identify potential internal leaders who can serve as facilitators making you less reliant on outside support.
  • Discover the three keys to keep your meetings active and engaging — “Ask, Offer, Connect”

By partnering with me you will benefit from a fresh viewpoint to stretch your current perspective and identify new possibilities. Together we’ll develop innovative and collaborative solutions that aren’t part of your current system. You can expect critical, yet supportive insight that will guide you through the creation of a successful Community of Practice.

Where do you begin? What needs to change for your team to begin demonstrating exceptional leadership? What are you already doing that’s working well and should be integrated into the new system? These are a few of the questions we can address in an initial complimentary consultation.

For more detailed information, anticipated results, and a plan of action,
contact me to set-up a complimentary consultation.

Louise J Santiago, PhD
Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

Where Leadership is Intentional Work

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